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Host Print Manager Update v9.0.0.4

Host Print Manager (HPM) has been updated with a couple new features. 

Itinerary/Invoice, Hardcopy, Multi-function and Boarding Pass printers can be configured to send host documents to a Windows printer (local or network).

HPM can now be installed as an Application or as a Service.

CAUTION: Download should only be performed on a Print Server or Workstation where your
ticket, itinerary or hardcopy printers are attached or where you have configured FastClip or the TAIR interface. Once the download is complete, it is NOT necessary to reconfigure HPM. It is also recommended that you close down HPM prior to the update.

Download Instructions:

To print a copy of these download instructions, select File, and then Print from the Internet Explorer toolbar.
This update must be performed on all workstations that have HPM installed.
Travelport recommends that all applications, except Internet Explorer be closed during the download process.
See steps below:

To close down HPM Application:

1. Right click on the HPM icon in the system tray . This is usually displayed in the bottom right corner of the desktop.
2. Select the "Close HPM" menu item.  If "Close HPM" menu item does not exist, skip to "HPM Download Process:"

3. Select the "Yes" button in the dialog box.

4. Begin the HPM download process. See steps below:

HPM Download Process:

1. Select the "Download Now" link located at the top or bottom of this page.
2. Select the "Run" button on the Internet Explorer. - Security Warning.

3. Select the "Next" button.

4. Verify Internet connectivity and Select the "Next" button.

5. Connect to Internet via Dialup Modem? Choose appropriate option and Select the "Next" button.  If modem user, go to step 7.

6. HPM running mode Application or Service. Choose appropriate option and Select the "Next" button.

7. Select the "OK" button to restart the computer.