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Get the latest updates on COVID-19 restrictions - 10-Sep-2020
Now more than ever given the current pandemic agency resources are coming under increasing pressure. With ever changing travel schedules and local restrictions travel agents are often required to look at many different sources for the most up-to-date information which basically creates additional steps in the process that add time, complication and reduces efficiency.

To help simplify this process we’ve created an interactive COVID-19 restrictions map. This is a free service to provide you with the reliable information you need to ensure safe and responsible travel. The map includes information about area lockdowns, quarantine measures, flight restrictions, school closures, and links to more information. All you will need to do is click on the link provided and use the interactive map to zoom in to the country or state you are interested in.

For more information check out our
COVID-19 interactive restrictions map
Level of priority: High
Learn more about airline, hotel and car safety measures - 10-Sep-2020
If you want to know more about the actions that airline, hotel and car suppliers have implemented to combat COVID-19 we have a summary view of the health and safety related service attributes that have been captured from airline websites on a periodic basis.

Please note that attributes shown do not represent all service changes and are provided for informational purposes only and without any guarantee or warranty of accuracy.

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COVID-19 airline safety measures
Level of priority: High